PREMIUM PERFUME COLLECTION_ An exotic, elite selection of_perfumes with long-lasting wear of up to 6 hours, presented in a black heavy glass bottle with a matte finish accentuated by a golden metal label. Reine du Jardin_ The blend opens with green and spicy Galbanum and Clove, transcending into sensual Jasmine, known as the ‘Queen of the Garden’, deepening with Rose. The scent tunes finely with long-staying, heavy Musk. Top Note:_Galbanum, Clove Middle Note:_Rose, Jasmine Base Note:_Musk Fragrance for HER. Ideal for evening outings and occasions._ Eau De Parfum. Directions: Spray lightly over clothes and hair. For maximum scent power, go all in and spray on moisturized skin and_pulse points_like behind the ears, inside of the elbows, and wrists. Perfume Tips: -_Moisturize_skin before wearing perfume to make the scent last longer. -_Do not rub_the perfume after applying it to the skin. – Preserve the scent and make it last b






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Reine du Jardin 100ml Perfume ...